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LaKira Porter

Voice Actor | Broadcast Quality Studio

Commercial Reel
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Character Reel (Update TBA)
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Creature Reel
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1930s Cartoony Sample
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Boy Voice Sample
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Spooky Animatronic Sample
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Commercial Reel
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Narration Sample
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Old Lady Sample
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Girl Voice Sample
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Spooky Animatronic Sample 2
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Home Studio

Home Studio

Raw Studio Sample
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Microphone: Rode NT1 
Interface: Solid State Logic 2  
HeadphonesBeyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
DAW: Audacity & Logic Pro with
Izotope RX 10 Elements plug-in

Connectivity: Hardwired ethernet,
Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, Phone, etc.
Additional monitor for ADR(not shown in picture)

VO Booth is a custom 4 x 6 isolated unit sound-treated 
with insulation and acoustic

foam panels 

Featured Projects

Featured Projects

SPOOKY'S ESCAPE | Cream & Spooky Animated Short

SPOOKY'S ESCAPE | Cream & Spooky Animated Short

Limited edition Spooky plushies are available to order until March 8th! Don't miss out: Like my work? Consider supporting me on Patreon: Another set of owners, a strange dark road, and suddenly everything changes for Spooky. What was his life like before he became a ghost? How did he find himself at the mansion? Hopefully this little short I did answers some questions! Here it is... my latest Cream & Spooky animation! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, this is NOT episode one, nor is it an official clip FROM episode 1/the pilot. This is just a concept piece for how I imagine the first episode of the series would open. When I actually do get to the CAS pilot (yes, plans are in the works!) this scene will definitely be longer and answer more questions. This has been a passion project for me from the start, and I practically did everything on this--the animation, backgrounds, rigging, compositing, etc. Except of course for the the voice acting, music, & creating sound effects (though I did do the audio mixing!). My goal is to make longer content, but it's a lot of work for one person, so I'd like to hire a team at some point. It's not realistic for me to make a 3-4 minute scene on my own. If you'd like to support the project, sharing this video, buying the plush, or donating on Patreon would be super appreciated. I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish on my own, especially while working fulltime... let's just say there have been a lot of late nights and caffeine, haha. I also have an even bigger short coming in the next 3 weeks, which I can't wait for you to see.... 👀 SERIES DESCRIPTION: The afterlife is supposed to be a place of peace and relaxation... isn't it? So why are strange things happening in this unique and magical world? CREAM & SPOOKY is an animated mystery/adventure series about two ghost cats who meet and become best friends in the afterlife. They're all about adventure and having fun, whether they're exploring their vast new powers in the Cryptic Universe or scaring humans back on earth in their haunted mansion. But it's not long before they discover that their bright, celestial world harbours dark, terrifying secrets, and it's up to them to figure out what's going on before it's too late. While I didn't intend to connect these two shorts since the first one is pretty old (4 years this April... gasp), this animation happens to take place directly before my "Cream & Spooky First Meet" clip, which can be viewed here: CREDITS: VOICE ACTORS: LaKira Porter - Hamish Plaggemars - Karim Theilgaard - / MUSIC: The Furthermores - Shadow Falls End theme by Circletone Sound effects sourced from Pixabay and Epidemic Sound! PROGRAMS USED: Toon Boom Harmony Premium (animation, compositing), Photoshop (backgrounds), After Effects (compositing), Premiere (audio mixing, editing) Email for business inquiries: Website: Redbubble/merch: DeviantArt: Instagram: Tumblr: Twitter: Discord:
Terry Bogard vs Makoto Nanaya - Mini Rumble S3 Finale
Hyun's Dojo Community

Terry Bogard vs Makoto Nanaya - Mini Rumble S3 Finale

Season 3 is wrapping up with an no-holds barred beatdown! Can the Legendary Hungry Wolf take the title or will his squirrely opponent prove to be too nutty of a fighter? Warrenbark's YouTube Account: GET THE NEW XVX MERCHANDISE HERE!: --------------------------- Follow us on Organization XVX -Twitter- "X" for more news, lore, and other fun stuff related to Mini Rumble and Riot Rumble series! (and also watch the new series of shorts! "Mini Rumble for Twitter" or new pages of "Riot Rumble: The Comic!") and the Youtube Channel for more animated content and fun stuff made by the team (Mini Rumble for Twitter shorts are available now) --------------------------- E-mail for XVX related fan arts!: ►Support us on Patreon! with just being on "XVX-tan Elite" tier by just 25$ you will receive: OPTION 1 - Personal Audio from XVX-tan OPTION 2 - A) Pixel artwork from the director himself! ( Spideyhog ) B) 3 set of images sprite renders by Spideyhog OPTION 3 - Fight animation of 10-20 seconds for you. --------------------------- Read the complete "Riot Rumble The Comic" here: --------------------------- Join the XVX fan server on Discord! (and be part of the madness that is "XVX fan chat sitcom!") What's a Mini Rumble? Smaller animations featuring your favorite characters from fiction. It's the high-intense, straight to the point, no holds barred flashy fights. Don't you dare blink because this... is Mini Rumble! Spideyhog's Twitter: DJTiki's Twitter: XVX-tan's Twitter: E-mail: Credits (SPOILERS): Voice Cast: "Classic" XVX-tan - B Nicole Song ( ) Lux Dude - Golden Hearts ( ) Narrator - RaccoonBroVA ( ) Alois Peterson - Meggie-Elise ( ) Lux Boyfriend - Felow ( ) Lux Girlfriend - SpookyToon ( ) Taira Stellar - LaKira Porter ( ) Sharon Maximus - Wubcake ( ) Morrigan Aensland - Wubcake ( ) Fight Animation - WarrenBark PostProduction / Video Editing - SpideyHog and DJTiki Sound Editing - Spideyhog , Joshua and WarrenBark Director - SpideyHog Co-Director - DJTiki Writer (intro) - Spideyhog Writer (fight) - WarrenBark Writer (ending) - Jordan Lacerta , Kyle Hurley (Fenriraga) and Spideyhog XVX-tan Classic Design - Spideyhog XVX-tan intro artwork - MaroonAbyss BG Intro "CHIBI" Artwork - Lightbell BG Intro "Mimi" Artwork - MaroonAbyss Intro XVX-tan animation - Spideyhog Thumbnail design - DJTiki Thumbnail composition - Armon9K! Pre-Intro Animation - Spideyhog Ending Animation - Spideyhog Terry "Smash Bros Victory" Animation - DJTiki Intro Artist - Spideyhog Ending Artist - Chubides Thumbnail Artist - ZeshGolden Cameo "XVX-tan Poster" Artist - Bocodamondo Cameo "XVX-tan Poster" Artist - RavernClouk Design Music used: - Tekken 4 - The Strongest Iron Arena - Blazblue Continuum Shift - Alexandrite - Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Carnival Stage - Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Terry Victory - Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 - New Load Game - Blazblue Central Fiction - Versus - Spark the Electric Jester - Smog City Sewers - Blue Archive - Theme 48 out of control chesed raid battle Original Character Creation and Design: "Classic" XVX-tan - Spideyhog / Snoopierkid (Color Palette) / Organization XVX Lux Dude - Spideyhog / Organization XVX Lux Boyfriend - Chubides / Organization XVX Lux Girlfriend - Chubides / Organization XVX Alois Peterson - Spideyhog Sharon Maximus - Spideyhog Kiasha Rukinari - Spideyhog Taira Stellar - Spideyhog Sprites: - Makoto Nanaya ( Blazblue Continuum Shift / Arc System Works ) - Terry Bogard ( The King of Fighters XI / SNK ) - Jun Kubota ( Advanced Variable Geo 2 / TGL ) - Chie Satonaka ( Persona 4 Arena / Arc System Works and Atlus ) - Angel ( The King of Fighters 2001 / SNK ) - Hibiki Takane ( Capcom vs Snk 2 / Capcom and SNK ) - Annie ( Skullgirls / Hidden Variable and Future Club and Autumn Games ) - Captain Falcon ( Mugen / Chuchoryu and May be edited by Smash Bracket ) - Pepsiman ( Mugen / Suteneko and May be edited by Smash Bracket ) - ???? ?????? ( Mugen / Chimoru ) Clips shown: Pepsiman vs Captain Falcon | Crossover Colosseum - Pac-man vs Tetris | Mini Rumble - #MiniRumble #KingofFighters #Blazblue

Client Testimonials


Haley Dapkus from Rebel Girls Media App
LaKira gave a heartfelt performance that added emotion and authenticity to our story. She was accommodating of notes during the recording session, and provided a variety of character voices to further bring our story to life.
Thank you LaKira! 

Patrick Knowles from Ozon Portal
Working with LaKira was an amazing experience! She captured the character of Arris perfectly!

Devon Howard from Spotify Sound UP Kids and Family 2022
LaKira was super easy to work with from initial communication to recording.  Her range is impressive and she has the most adorable animated character voice that is perfect for our kids & family project. She was well prepared, flexible and even gave welcomed suggestions for the character. I would definitely work with her again.


About Me


Hiya! I'm LaKira Porter, she/her, a Queer and Black voice actor who hails from Detroit, MI, yes the mitten state! I grew up loving theatre, acting, and singing. I did all those things off and on throughout my life. I've always loved playing pretend so of course, I fell in love with voice acting too-eventually.


I've always loved watching cartoons as well, seeing all the breathtaking animation and storytelling was just so inspiring! Thanks to shows like Nickelodeon's iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gravity Falls is why I fell for voice acting. I wanted to inspire people just like those actors did for me. So November 2019, I finally began my voice-over career and I have no plans of going back. 


I have lent my voice to animation, commercials, video games, and just won a Webby People's Voice Award! I have studied under Arianna Ratner, Portia Scott (Coast to Coast Talent), Ashley Nguyen DeWitt, Joe Hernandez, and many more.

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